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Written by Joseph Hoell, Business Owner

Updated on: February 6, 2020

Whether you are shopping for socks, a vacuum, a TV, a bike, or a car it makes sense to go to several different stores, websites, or places of business because that assures you get the best deal and that you get the most/best product for your hard earned money! Stopping in at 10 dealerships when you are looking for a car can take hours even days. Going from website to website looking for a vacuum can take time and you might not even be getting what you really need or want in the long run.

When you are looking for insurance in Wisconsin, does it make sense to go to one company, give them tons of your personal information, spend time discussing your coverages, your needs, then receiving one insurance quote? Or does it make sense for you to do this but then have them give you quotes from 14 companies? When we do a thorough walk through on what someone needs it can take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes. If you do this with 10 different companies, it can take up to an hour or up to 10 hours depending on your needs. Take the 10 minutes or 30 minutes and let us do the shopping so you don’t have to.

People ask why I feel the Independent (ability to offer numerous companies) side of Insurance is better and my response is usually about the savings. But I want to share something I feel is even more important and something I am seeing. You do not have insurance because you like paying an insurance company premiums every month. You pay because when things go wrong you want to be taken care of.

If I am an Allstate or State Farm or American Family agent and my client has a claim that doesn’t go how they would like for whatever reason my job was to say “I am sorry. I hope it goes better next time. And please don’t be mad about the rate increase you are going to get next year.” That is never an easy conversation to have. Ever. Having had these conversations with my clients over the years was the worst part of my job.

Companies that are offered through the Independent Insurance Agent channel know we have TONS of great options. So, when it is time to raise rates, they say “If we do this our agents can switch this person’s insurance and save them money again”. They are less likely to raise your rates because they know I have options. When they are handling a claim, they acknowledge the fact that if they do not perform at a high level during the claim process, I have options and can move this client to a company who does.

These companies know they have competition and must give that amazing customer experience during the claims process when that bad day happens. They know that raising rates has consequences. When I was able to offer one company, we literally had training on how we should “sell” those increases to our clients. “Selling” a hard-working family with kids, living paycheck to paycheck, on why they should pay 30% more for the same exact coverage tomorrow vs today simply because their policy renewed was crazy.

Now we have options. Not only for saving money but for making sure companies we represent are held accountable for their promise to their customers. That promise is a competitive rate, excellent customer service, and a fair / efficient claims experience when that bad day happens. If those things are ever not delivered, I promise to find you a company that will deliver on that promise. I can tell you now that is not going to be happening very often after seeing how amazing our companies are and what these companies offer our great clients.


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