Why Should I Choose an Independent Insurance Agency?

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Written by Joseph Hoell, Business Owner

Updated on: October 26, 2020

Consumers sometimes ask, “Why should I go with an independent insurance agency for my insurance needs?” It’s easier than ever to hop into insurance company websites and find a free quote, which leaves many consumers wondering about the benefits of choosing an independent insurance agency. While online quotes can be convenient, there’s nothing like a personal, tailor-made insurance policy. Besides providing the right coverage, independent insurance agents can shop around to find the right insurance price. We’re going to explore in depth the benefits of choosing an independent insurance agency, what it is, and why you should consider choosing an independent agent for your needs.

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

Independent insurance agents and companies can partner with different insurance companies to find the best price and policy for the buyer. Independent agents have more flexibility to offer multiple insurance options. An independent agent may have a contract which allows them to sell car insurance policies with Progressive but the ability to offer home or renter’s insurance through other companies. Instead of being contractually obligated to sell through one company, independent insurance companies have more freedom. Many consumers prefer working with independent insurance agents because they have more options. Independent insurance agents can shop around for the best plan with the right price and coverage.

Independent Insurance Agents vs. Captive Agents

Unlike independent insurance agents, captive agents have to sell policies through their company such as Allstate and State Farm. Because they only work with one company, captive agents are often experts at knowing the ins and outs of every policy. They are familiar with all the discounts and coverage add-ons so they can assist you in customizing your plan to meet your needs. This extensive knowledge is the major benefit of working with a captive agent. However, the cost to you, the consumer, is often higher and you may not get the best deal for a tight budget.

On the other hand, independent insurance agents offer more options and can often work with tight budget constraints. They often offer more affordable insurance options and greater variety. However, one potential problem with independent insurance agents is they may not have the in-depth knowledge of different policies and details some captive agents may have. However, at Joseph Hoell Insurance Agency in Germantown, WI, we take pride in the amount of knowledge we have regarding different insurance companies, policies, and add-ons. When you choose Hoell Insurance, you’ll get a great price on insurance from a knowledgeable independent insurance agent.

Benefits of Choosing an Independence Insurance Agency

Purchasing insurance isn’t always a simple cut-and-dry process. Insurance is not one-size-fits-all. The best policy for you depends on a variety of factors like your budget, what kind of insurance you need and more. How do you know you’re getting the right amount of insurance coverage? How do you know you’re getting a good price on insurance? We’re going to answer all these questions and more in this article.

Many consumers prefer using independent insurance agents because of the personal touch and affordable insurance premiums. But why take the extra step of finding an independent insurance agency and discussing your needs? Why go through the process of calling an agent when you could just do it yourself through a major insurance company? Or get an instant quote online? To understand the value, let’s explore some benefits of choosing an independent insurance agency.

1.     Choice

One of the best things about choosing an independent insurance agency is the power of CHOICE. Unlike captive agents, independent insurance agents can shop around for the best policy and price. You won’t be stuck with one insurance company and limited options. Choosing independent opens up a world of possibilities—so many possibilities you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Good thing you’ll have a knowledgeable agent to help! On average, an independent agency sells from five to eight different insurance companies, so there’s a range to choose from. You only have to answer questions and fill out paperwork ONCE to get all the information you need instead of bouncing from website to website or agent to agent, trying to find the best deal. You’ll get all the insurance price comparisons without the work.

2.     Price

Finding affordable insurance can require a lot of shopping around and comparisons. But, with an independent insurance agent, they find the best price for the policy you need. While online insurance company sites may promise low rates and instant quotes, most consumers will find a better price if they took the time to get multiple quotes. Independent agents ask questions to best determine what coverage you need so you’re not paying for extras. With insurance company marketing campaigns promising to save you money, you may not completely understand the details of the policy and be left with inadequate coverage. At Joseph Hoell Insurance in Germantown, WI, we offer homeowners insurance, renter’s insurance, auto insurance and more. We seek to first understand your unique needs and then find the most affordable policy for you without compromising your protection.

3.     Personal

In a world of automated calls and endless website FAQ forums, sometimes consumers miss personal connection. Working directly with an independent insurance agent is like hiring your own personal insurance shopper and adviser. Some people use the same agent for a lifetime, building a relationship and navigating all the changes of life from a new home purchase to the birth of a child. Just like hiring a real estate agent to locate the right property, an independent insurance agent takes the time to secure the right policy at no additional cost. The agent handles the paperwork, answers questions and assists with claims reporting. At Joseph Hoell Insurance, our team of independent insurance agents work hard to provide personal touch and exception customer service to all our customers.

4.     Experience

Let’s be honest, insurance terminology is confusing. It’s hard to know exactly what kind of coverage you need. Just trying to sort through all the fine print can make anyone’s head spin. Our licensed independent insurance agents can explain even the most complex insurance ideas in simple ways so you know exactly what you’re getting. Demystifying the insurance buying process is one of our favorite things to do at Hoell Insurance Agency. We want to be sure you feel comfortable, confident and satisfied with the policy you pick. We’ve worked with many insurance companies and helped countless people find the policy for them. Our knowledge and experience make us an invaluable resource.

5.     Community and Reputation

By going with a local independent insurance agency, you’re supporting a small business in your community! At Hoell Insurance, we’re proud to serve our community of Germantown, WI. Our local community is very important to us. From supporting community events and sports teams to local government involvement, we love our community. We love connecting in person and have lived in the area for years. We’re familiar with the area, country regulations, weather, flood zones, communities and more. We know the most common claims in the area and popular coverage. We’re your neighbors and we’re ready to help. We have a stellar reputation in the Germantown area so you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice for an independent insurance agency when you go with Joseph Hoell Insurance.

6.     Customer Service

One of the reasons we have an excellent reputation in Germantown, WI and surrounding areas is our exceptional customer service. We’re here to answer your questions and address your concerns. If there’s something you don’t understand, we’ll break it down in simple terms so you feel comfortable and informed. We listen to your unique insurance needs to find the policy for you. Our independent insurance agents want you to be completely satisfied. Unlike captive agents, we’re able to connect with you personally and, when you need us, you can talk to an actual human person and not just an automated answering system. In the event of a claim, we can help you with the reporting process. We’re your advocate throughout the insurance journey, not just the initial signup. Whether it’s a billing concern or a change to your policy, we’re here for you. We’re also proactive when it comes to your insurance rate. We know when rates are increasing and can start shopping for a better deal ahead of time. One of the best things about independent agents is, even when your insurance company or policy changes, you can still keep your insurance agent!

At Joseph Hoell Insurance in Germantown, WI, we’re proud to be a group of independent insurance agents, dedicated to finding the best insurance coverage for our clients. From assessing your individual insurance needs, budget and policy preferences to shopping around for affordable insurance policies, we’re here to help you find the right fit. Whether you’re shopping for homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, auto or specialty insurance, Hoell Insurance has the expertise to guide you through the process. We are proud to serve Germantown, WI and the surrounding areas.

Joseph Hoell Insurance serves Germantown, WI and surrounding areas. Call us at (262) 214-0999 to get help with your insurance!


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