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Are you renting a property or own a condo in Germantown, WI or the surrounding area? When renting property it comes with a considerable amount of risk to the renter such as theft or damage to personal property. Unlike homeowners insurance, because renters insurance is not always required many renters don’t make getting a policy a priority and end up paying for this oversight in the long run.

Others mistakenly believe that their landlord’s homeowners insurance policy will cover the renters’ belongings and are shocked and saddened when an incident occurs and they learn it does not. Your landlord’s insurance policy covers damage to the home but does not cover your possessions inside.

What is renters insurance?

Renters insurance covers your “stuff” but so much more! It provides you a place to stay if you can not live in your home/apartment because of a covered loss. It provides liability protection in case someone is injured at your place, or if you damage the property you are renting and your landlord decided to hold you accountable for that. Renters insurance coverage starts at $9 per month and we would love to talk to you more about how a policy can help you and your family.

What is condo insurance?

Do you own your condo in Germantown, WI, then you should look into condo insurance. Condo insurance can be really tricky because most condos have a “master policy” that covers the physical structure. Having a condo policy that covers any gaps between your condo policy and the master policy is important. We can help you do that and help you make sure that your bad day is not your worst day.


At the Joseph Hoell Insurance agency we know how important home protection is. You’ve invested time, money and love into your home and everything inside of it. Contact us at (262) 214-0999 for great rates and the best coverage.
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