How To Get Affordable Auto Insurance

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Written by Joseph Hoell, Business Owner

Updated on: April 14, 2020

How to Get Affordable Auto Insurance

Finding the right auto insurance coverage at the right price doesn’t have to be complicated. At Joseph Hoell Insurance in Germantown, WI, we’re experts on how to find affordable auto insurance. We help guide clients through the process and enjoy giving helpful tips on how to get the best coverage without breaking the bank. Here are some of our top tips to get affordable auto coverage:

1.    Get auto insurance discounts.

Car insurance companies offer a range of discounts to different groups of people. Some groups like veterans, military personnel and drivers with a clean driving record (no accidents or tickets) may not surprise you but other groups like high school students with a good GPA and drivers who elect to pay their premiums in advance or sign up for automatic payments or paperless billing may surprise you. Bundling your policy with others such as homeowners insurance is another way to save. Be sure to ask what discounts are available so you can take full advantage of the opportunities to save.

2.    Consider raising your deductible.

Selecting a higher deductible will help make your insurance policy more affordable by decreasing your monthly premiums. Just be sure to think through the costs before making a decision. A deductible is the amount of money you will be responsible for in case of accident or damage so be sure it’s an amount you can afford to cover if you need to make a claim. Consider setting the deductible amount aside in savings as a safety net.

3.    Check insurance costs when purchasing a car.

It should come as no surprise the make, model and age of your vehicle is a major factor in the cost of your auto insurance. Just like you consider factors like miles per gallon while selecting a vehicle, you should also consider insurance costs. A quick online search will pull up a list of the top-selling and cheapest cars to insure. In general, the more expensive and new the vehicle is, the higher the premium. Driving an inexpensive car is one solution. In fact, if the cost of repairs would be more than the value of the vehicle, you can opt out of comprehensive and collision coverage completely, resulting in big savings.

4.    Get multiple quotes.

At Joseph Hoell Insurance, we love finding the best price for our clients which means getting quotes from multiple insurance companies. Many people make the mistake of assuming one company is the cheapest without doing research and shopping for the best insurance prices. No single company is the low-price leader and prices depend on a variety of factors. Don’t forget local and regional insurance companies. In fact, smaller insurers often have higher customer satisfaction ratings and may have lower auto insurance rates, too.


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